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Some Handy Droid Hacks

Android mobile phones have a reputation for being highly attached to Google. Some app developers, however, would like to see that connection limited. A series of Droid hacks have developed that lessen the connection. Some of the hacks allow you to flash a Droid to a network, or customize animations.
Sound quality comes in two forms, the default and custom. Some users have said the default settings are good, others that the custom settings are better. Here are some steps to take for improving the sound quality.
If you are looking for an iPhone hack see: iPhone Bluetooth Headphone Hacks.

This Android hack involves boot animations, or how the Droid will look when you boot up. Start by going to the command prompt in the ADB tools directory. Create three folders: png, bootanimation, and part0.
The previous hacks did not involve access to the root. Hacking a phone to access the root directory is called rooting a phone. Programs or applications that run off the root directory are root applications.

Here is how to root a Droid:

It is important to know how to hack the root because if you want to get free Wi-Fi tether, like the Verizon Mobile Hotspot, you can do it by rooting your Droid X then installing the Android Wi-Fi tether app.
Here is the hack:
lucky patcher app come in many different formats. Probably the most important one is the root hack, because this lets you into the root directory of the Droid. Once you are there you can make different hacks possible for applications, and change how the mobile Droid will operate.
To see hacks on Nokia, go to Top 10 Nokia Hacks.
Improve Call Audio Quality,


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